About Our Farm

Welcome to our farm website! We are Hayden and Taylor Sievers, owner/operators of Sievers Blumen Farm in beautiful Calhoun County, Illinois. You can usually find us starting seeds, planting transplants, cutting flowers, weeding (ugh!), putting together bouquets, washing buckets, and wrangling our 3 little children who love to ride the tractor with Daddy and pull petals off of Mommy’s flowers!

We are committed to providing fresh and unique flowers to the community that bring a smile to our customer’s face. Our goal is to use only flowers, herbs, and other fillers that we grow or forage on our ~83 acre property. We seek to provide flowers and arrangements that are either wildly unique, amazingly scent-filled, and/or hearken to the days you spent in your grandmother’s garden.

The best part of our business is seeing the smile on a person’s face when we deliver a bouquet, so we hope to continue to spread joy throughout Calhoun county and beyond.

For both of us, farming has been a part of our life from day one. Hayden grew up right here in Meppen on a hog and grain farm, while Taylor was raised in the little town of Windsor, Illinois on a cattle and grain farm. Farming has been in our families for generations, so the decision to start our own farm was met with little hesitation.

Part of this flower farming journey has led us to other farm endeavors, which include our goal of operating a self-sustaining homestead. We’ve added chickens, Irish Dexter cattle, a high tunnel, and a few more acres since we began in 2019, and we are excited to hopefully one day provide the fruits of our homestead with our community.

Why “Blumen”?

Yes, we know how to spell “blooming”. I’m sure many of you have wondered why our farm has such a funny name! Naming a business is no easy task. We knew we needed a balance between something meaningful, yet something that explained what our farm was going to be doing.

“Blumen” is the German word for “flowers”.

So, why German? If you are unfamiliar with the southern portion of Calhoun County, this area has a rich German heritage dating back to a German migration into the area that happened around the 1840s. St. Joseph’s Cemetery just down the road is filled with several headstones marked with inscriptions written in German. Not only is Meppen filled with rich German history (there’s also a Meppen, Germany), but also our own ancestries.

The house we live in on our property was actually built for Hayden’s great aunt named Mary Sievers Kronable, who ran a general store that used to sit in our front yard. We’re told that she sold many of the fruits of her garden in her general store! Mary was one of many children in the Sievers family that come from that line of German immigrants to Calhoun County, so in honor of our own ancestries, where we live, and the history of our county, it felt only right to include something that hearkens to our past.