About Our Farm

Hello! We are Hayden and Taylor Sievers, owner/operators of Sievers Blumen Farm in beautiful Calhoun County, Illinois.

Here at Sievers Blumen Farm, we are committed to providing fresh, local flowers to the community. We strive to use only flowers, herbs, and other fillers that we grow or forage on our ~3 acre property. Our hope is that we continue to grow our farm to serve more and more people as the years go by. We seek to provide flowers and arrangements that are either wildly unique and/or amazingly scent-filled than what you might see or smell in your typical “grocery store arrangement”. The best part of our business is seeing the smile on a person’s face when we deliver a bouquet, so we hope to continue to spread joy throughout Calhoun county and beyond.

Photo Credit: Maple Hill Photography

A little about the force behind the farm:

Currently, Hayden is our “brawn” of the operation, flexing his muscles by pulling weeds, lifting heavy things, laying landscape fabric, and running the tractor. He does this all while working as a project manager in Maryland Heights, MO and tending to his hodgepodge flock of chickens. Taylor would be deemed the “brains” as this farm was dreamed up and heavily researched by her. She is also the seed starter, transplanter, organizer, bookkeeper, harvester, and floral designer. In her spare time, she is an adjunct biology instructor for an online Christian college based in Indiana and also a stay-at-home mom to their 2 1/2 year old son, Raymond, 1 year old son, Rodney, and their newest addition, Josie.

For the couple, farming has been a part of their life from day one. Hayden grew up right here in Meppen on a hog and grain farm, while Taylor was raised in the little town of Windsor, Illinois on a cattle and grain farm. Farming has been in their families for generations, so the decision to start their own farm was met with little hesitation.

Why “Blumen”?

Naming a business is no easy task. We knew we needed a balance between something meaningful, yet something that explained what our farm was going to be doing. “Blumen” is the German word for “flowers”. Why German? If you are unfamiliar with the southern portion of Calhoun County, this area has a rich German heritage dating back to a German migration into the area that happened around the 1840s. St. Joseph’s Cemetery just down the road is filled with several headstones marked with inscriptions written in German. Not only is Meppen filled with rich German history (there’s also a Meppen, Germany), but also our own ancestries. Hayden’s family were primarily German Catholics that settled here in Calhoun and Taylor’s family were German Lutherans that settled in the Shelbyville/Moccasin area in east central Illinois.

“Blumen” just felt like a perfect fit!