Flower Subscription Signup

***Flower subscriptions are closed for 2021!***

Great news! We will now have a new drop point for 2022: Hideaway Farms in Grafton! This will be in addition to 1) On-farm pick-up, 2) Blueridge Farms’ 4Square Market in Hardin, & 3) Odelehr’s Roadside Market in Brussels.

How Our Subscriptions Work:

**The earlier you signup, the sooner your subscription will start unless you prefer a later start. The first dropoffs will be in the beginning of June. We will be in contact with you in late May to remind you of your first pickup date!**

  1. Sign up for a subscription by clicking the link above. You can choose between different sizes and amounts (4 Weeks or 6 Weeks) of bouquets. A small (~15 stems) is perfect for the corner of your desk at work or an end table in your living room. The medium (~20+ stems) is a great size for your dining or kitchen table.
  2. Bouquets will be dropped off at locations in Hardin, Brussels, and Meppen once per week. You can choose weekly or biweekly dropoff options. The Hardin location will be at Blueridge Farms’ 4Square Market, the Meppen location will be at our farm next to the Meppen Tavern, and the Brussels location will be at Odelehr’s Roadside Market. If anyone is interested in a Kampsville/Hamburg dropoff, let us know.
  3. For 2021, you can expect to pick up your bouquets at the location you signed up for on the following days of the week:
    • Hardin 4Square Market – Fridays
    • Brussels Odelehr’s Market – Fridays
    • Meppen (Farm Pickup) – Tuesdays
      • Bouquets can be picked up any time after 10 a.m. for Hardin/Brussels pickup, and any time after 4 p.m. for Meppen pickup in the flower cart.
  4. In the past, we had home deliveries and vases with our flowers. We have come to realize that as a family and business, this is not sustainable for us at this time. If you are still interested in home delivery, please let us know. We may be able to accommodate you for an additional delivery fee. Vases are available for purchase if you do not have a vase ($4.00 and up).
  5. Enjoy your fresh cut flowers throughout the Summer and Fall!

Subscriptions are divided into “sessions”. We may not have enough flowers to fill all subscriptions at the same time, particularly in early Spring, so this helps us serve everyone in the best way possible. As always, our season and sessions may change due to Mother Nature.

  • Session 1: Early June to Mid July
  • Session 2: Mid July to Late August
  • Session 3: Late August to End of Season (early October, typically)

Any questions? Send us an email at sieversblumen@gmail.com or give us a call at (618) 535-4740.