Starting Seeds and a Farm

We have had a month or so of starting seeds in the basement in preparation for the Spring. After a little issue deciding what type of lights we wanted to use to grow the seedlings, we are finally on track.

We decided to go with fluorescent light fixtures with one cool bulb and one warm bulb in each fixture instead of the LED grow lights. After research, it was clear that fluorescents work just as well as LEDs and they are significantly lower in price as far as the fixtures are concerned.

We filled our trays with moistened Pro-Mix PGX Germination mix, sowed seeds either on the surface or 1/4″ below the surface based on seed size, and bottom-watered the trays, making sure to keep the germination mix moist. This has resulted in bottom-watering about every other day once the seedlings started to emerge. We are also using heat mats until the seedlings have emerged and appear to be taking off before removing heat mats.

What I’ve found the most challenging so far is deciding which seeds to start inside and which seeds to start directly in the field. I’ve had a list of plants for awhile, and I WAY over-ordered on seed, but I have limited space in the basement to start seeds inside. I was wanting to start more bedding plants, but I think for this year I will have to hold off on that! It will be awesome when we can get our own hoop house!

So far, everything I’ve started has done pretty well as far as germination is concerned. I think the only problems I’ve had is with my eryngium (Sea Holly) germination, especially the Blue Glitter variety, and then my Mona Lisa anemone mix has also still not come up.

Nonetheless, we are exciting for Spring! I think the snapdragons will need to be transplanted because we aren’t quite ready in the field, but they are starting to outgrow their trays! On the plus side, Hayden did get the field tilled for the first time this past week. We are hoping to till once more, lay landscape fabric, and begin planting season.

Hayden tilling up the flower patch on a late March evening!

Oh, and we also are patiently awaiting the arrival of our baby boy! I’m sure everything will end up happening at the same time because life is never easy, right?