What We Offer

Wholesale to Florists/Designers

If you are a florist or designer interested in local cut flowers, please consider sourcing from our farm! Also, if there’s something you would like to see or have a hard time sourcing, we can consider growing for you. Let us know what you need!

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Bouquets & Vase Arrangements

We offer mixed bouquets and vase arrangements for pickup and delivery. Delivery fee will vary based on location within Calhoun county. Announcements will be made if our flowers can be found elsewhere throughout the season (for example, at a market or pop-up stand at a business). Bouquets and arrangements will be 100% Calhoun County grown, whether from our field or foraged from our property. Due to seasonality, flowers and fillers will vary as the summer progresses.

2021 Pricing:

  • Small Wrapped Bouquet – $18
  • Medium Wrapped Bouquet – $23
  • Large Wrapped Bouquet – $30
  • Small Vase Arrangement – $22
  • Medium Vase Arrangement – $27
  • Large Vase Arrangement – $35
  • Small Mixed Spring Arrangement (anemones & ranunculus) – $22
  • Small Specialty Mixed Arrangement (includes ~10 stems of flowers/fillers with 3+ specialty blooms like tulips, peonies, roses, etc) – $30
  • Medium Specialty Mixed Arrangement (includes ~12 stems of flowers/fillers with 5+ specialty blooms) – $40
  • Specialty vases (crystal, milk glass, unique) starting at $6
  • Price will vary on custom orders, but you can ask us for an estimate before ordering!

Flower Subscriptions (Click here to signup)


  • Subscription includes hand-wrapped bouquets in various sizes.
  • You pick up your flowers each week at one of our dropoff locations (Hardin, Meppen, or Brussels).
  • You may choose to have dropoffs every week or biweekly.
  • Please discuss with us if you would prefer home delivery and we may be able to accommodate your for an additional delivery fee.
  • To extend subscription past 4 or 6 weeks, please discuss this with us. The weekly rate of subscription purchased will be continued for the subsequent weeks. Example: Customer purchases small 6 week subscription at $85. Customer wishes to continue for another 4 weeks after the end of the 6 week period. $85 / 6 weeks = $14.17/week. $14.17 x 4 weeks = $56.68. So, $85 + $56.68 = $141.68 for 10 weeks total.
  • For extended subscriptions: We will deliver flowers until you tell us to stop or until our season ends (usually around early October).
  • Subscriptions are divided into “sessions”. We may not have enough flowers to fill all subscriptions at the same time, particularly in early Spring, so this helps us serve everyone in the best way possible. As always, our season and sessions may change due to Mother Nature.
    • Session 1: Early June to Mid July
    • Session 2: Mid July to Late August
    • Session 3: Late August to End of Season (early October, typically)

Additional Information

Prices and offerings subject to change due to production in the field.